i am an extra large dog.
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Reading the story of Sodom as being about homosexuality is like reading the story of an ax murderer as being about an ax.

Jay Michaelson (via whattoblogabout)

(And the Axe is mentioned in all of one line)


Avot Yeshurun, of course

turkish citizens never need to renew their driver’s licenses.  they are always valid forever.  you only need to go to the dmv once in your whole life.


My mom teaches Kindergarten and I went to her classroom a few days ago and saw what appeared to be a small shrine dedicated to Jodie Foster in the corner of the room and I had literally no idea why it was there, so I asked my mom about it and she said it’s where the kids can go to tattle on each other so they don’t always do it to her

So basically my mom tells her little Kindergarteners to tell on each other to a magazine clipping of Jodie Foster that they call Miss Tattle and if you don’t think that’s the funniest thing then get out of my face

Elements of fear


The carbon particles move the fastest because they’re afraid of dying.

Can’t win ‘em all


The colonial era was a great time for some people. 




106 year old Armenian woman guarding her house during a 1990 armed conflict with Azerbaijan


This is an old women who has to hold a gun to protect her life so she would not DIE at a war struck region, I don’t get why tumblr likes to ignore that this is an old woman trying to survive and reduces it to some feminist ‘badass women with guns’ thing


Fandom: Teen Wolf

“You barfed yourself out of your own body, which was quite strange, but you’re amazingly strong and I guess I just fell in love.”

In high school kids used to throw pennies at my table when i sat with my friend who “looked Jewish.” And that was SO FUCKED UP ahhhhhh


support queer hindus.  support queer muslims.  support queer jews.  support queer christians.  support queer mormons and sikhs and baha’is and queer members of every other religious group who are seen as paradoxes by both the lgbtq+ community and their own religious communities.  acknowledge them and give them spaces to discuss their individual needs as queer people of faith.  listen to them.  learn from them.